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Italy- Come on honey, he not Italian, he Japanese, just like any suckas biaatch!
Germany- Yo crazy-ass grandpa when da thug was younger.
Japan- Aww, what tha fuck a thugged-out lil Chinese girl! (I thought "every character was Japanese")
Tha Ghetto- Yo crazy-ass future pimp yo, but it ain't no stoppin cause I be still poppin'. (Damn right!)
England- Look at his wild lil' fuckin eyebrows muthafucka! Whatz fuckin' phat wit that, biatch? (That was me when I first started watchin Hetalia)
Frizzle- That Jizzy muthafucka from Pokemon. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. (SO FREAKIN TRUE)
Russia- Uncle Danny when da thug was younger.
China- Thatz Erin. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. (Yes yes y'all, n' no)
Canada- Aww her big-ass booty so thugged-out wit tha panda/koala bear thangy dat dat freaky freaky biatch holdin n' stuff...
Romano- Dat hoe a waitress.
Spain- Yo crazy-ass daddy before da perved-out muthafucka started tokin.
Prussia- An albino. Come on, he a albino!
Austria- Dude be lookin like dat whatz his name Cheren muthafucka from Pokemon! (True)
Hungary- Biatch be lookin like yo' sister.
Switzerland- A Mean lookin lesbian girl.
Liechtenstein- Da straight version of tha lesbian.
Ukraine- Okay. Is you SURE dat what tha fuck you watchin be appropriate, biatch? Me: Yes yes y'all. (I lied!!! >:))
Belarus- Thatz Grace when she gets older.
Lithuania- Dat hoe late fo' something.
Estonia- A big-ass nerd. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Kinda remindz me of dat Parker muthafucka you had ta git all up in rap with.
Latvia- Biatch be lookin like she bout ta burst tha fuck into tears any moment.
Poland- Yo crazy-ass sisterz playa.
Finland- Dat punk definitely gay fo' realz. Wait he not, biatch? No... you kiddin me, tha pimpin' muthafucka straight-up gay fo' realz.
Sweden- In a relationshizzle wit tha gay muthafucka. (A SuFin shipper, already?)
Norway- I'd stay away from her muthafuckin ass.
Denmark- A wild-ass rock n' roll muthafucka.
Iceland- A hipsta without tha glasses.
Belgium- I wish you was mo' like her muthafuckin ass.
Netherlands- We already did him!
Greece- A Christian.
Turkey- Dude works all up in tha circus since dat schmoooove muthafucka has a mask.
Egypt- ...Really, biatch? (Yes)
T.R.N.C.- Da last muthafucka but wit a gangbangin' finger-lickin' different hat.
Taiwan- Yo ass when you was younger.
S. Korea- A Japanese dude, just like any suckas only mo' Japanese looking. (But aint Japan "Chinese"?)
Hong Kong- Yo ass as a funky-ass boy.
Vietnam- Biatch be lookin like a funky-ass boy.
Thailand- Didn't we already do him?
Seychellez- I wanna bust a nut on her n' shit. Dat hoe pretty.
Sealand- Quentin Bizzle.
Monaco- A secretary.
Romania- Us dudes did her also, didn't we?
Cuba- That muthafucka whoz ass annoyed you up in tha 5th grade.
Ausralia- A zookeeper.
Wy- Dat hoe not from Hetalia, she Misty from Pokemon! (I can relate ta that)
Seborga- Da pizzy muthafucka. I be gettin tired, letz finish all dis bullshit.
Bulgaria- Thatz tha straight-up original gangsta muthafucka, aint it?
Rome- Yo crazy-ass dad. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! (I thought Spain was mah dad)
Germania- Yo crazy-ass grandpa as a hippie. (LOL)
Chibi Romano- Thatz yo thugged-out ass. (Oh boy, peep all these f##ks I give.)
Chibitalia- Member when you checked up all dem comics all up in tha library all dem muthafuckin years back, biatch? Biatch be lookin like one of charactas from dat book or something. (Dat hoe rappin' bout Suu from Shugo Chara)
HRE- A pirate baby thang.

Mom: So whatz it about?
Me: Oh, itz like Spongebob. Except each character be a cold-ass lil ghetto. (Whenever mah playas dat is mainly a adult asks me what tha fuck a show I wanna bust a nut on be about, I always tell dem itz like Spongebob.)
Mom: Is it appropriate.
Me: Yes yes y'all.
Mom: How tha fuck did you find this?
Me: Oh, mah playaz peep dat shit.
Mom: Is there a Philippines, biatch? (Bitch started doin thangs up in tha Philippines)
Me: No. There be a cold-ass lil character like dat up in tha fandom, though.
Mom: How tha fuck is there not a Philippines?
Me: It aint nuthin but bout Ghetto Wars 1 n' 2.
Mom: Oh.

(Extra note: I be lookin like a mix between Belarus, wit tha afro steez n' Russian heritage n' Seychelles, with  tha afro color n' eye color fo' realz. Also, when mah momma puts her afro up in a ponytail, her afro looks almost exactly like China's. No joke.)
Erin n' Grace (both mentioned) is tha playaz dat I had back up in elementary school, just so you know.
If you saw how tha fuck I compared Hetalia ta Spongebob, then you know I have straight-up issues.

Courtesy of Gizoogle
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