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Italy- Come on honey, he's not Italian, he's Japanese, just like everyone else!
Germany- Your grandpa when he was younger.
Japan- Aww, what a cute little Chinese girl! (I thought "every character was Japanese")
America- Your future boyfriend. (Damn right!)
England- Look at his eyebrows! What's up with that? (That was me when I first started watching Hetalia)
France- That James guy from Pokemon. (SO FREAKIN TRUE)
Russia- Uncle Danny when he was younger.
China- That's Erin. (Yes and no)
Canada- Aww she's so cute with the panda/koala bear thingy that she's holding and stuff...
Romano- She's a waitress.
Spain- Your dad before he started smoking.
Prussia- An albino. Come on, he's an albino!
Austria- He looks like that what's his name Cheren guy from Pokemon! (True)
Hungary- She looks like your sister.
Switzerland- A Mean looking lesbian girl.
Liechtenstein- The straight version of the lesbian.
Ukraine- Okay. Are you SURE that what you're watching is appropriate? Me: Yes. (I lied!!! >:D)
Belarus- That's Grace when she gets older.
Lithuania- She's late for something.
Estonia- A big nerd. Kinda reminds me of that Parker guy you had to go to speech with.
Latvia- She looks like she's about to burst into tears any moment.
Poland- Your sister's friend.
Finland- He's definitely gay. Wait he's not? No... you're kidding me, he's totally gay.
Sweden- In a relationship with the gay guy. (A SuFin shipper, already?)
Norway- I'd stay away from her.
Denmark- A crazy rock and roll guy.
Iceland- A hipster without the glasses.
Belgium- I wish you were more like her.
Netherlands- We already did him!
Greece- A Christian.
Turkey- He works at the circus since he has a mask.
Egypt- ...Really? (Yes)
T.R.N.C.- The last guy but with a different hat.
Taiwan- You when you were younger.
S. Korea- A Japanese man, just like everyone else only more Japanese looking. (But isn't Japan "Chinese"?)
Hong Kong- You as a boy.
Vietnam- She looks like a boy.
Thailand- Didn't we already do him?
Seychelles- I like her. She's pretty.
Sealand- Justin Bieber.
Monaco- A secretary.
Romania- We did her also, didn't we?
Cuba- That guy who annoyed you in the 5th grade.
Ausralia- A zookeeper.
Wy- She's not from Hetalia, she's Misty from Pokemon! (I can relate to that)
Seborga- The pizza guy. I'm getting tired, let's finish this.
Bulgaria- That's the first guy, isn't it?
Rome- Your dad. (I thought Spain was my dad)
Germania- Your grandpa as a hippie. (LOL)
Chibi Romano- That's you. (Oh boy, look at all these f##ks I give.)
Chibitalia- Member when you checked out all those comics at the library a few years back? She looks like one of characters from that book or something. (She's talking about Suu from Shugo Chara)
HRE- A pirate baby thing.

Mom: So what's it about?
Me: Oh, it's like Spongebob. Except each character is a country. (Whenever anyone that is mainly an adult asks me what a show I like is about, I always tell them it's like Spongebob.)
Mom: Is it appropriate.
Me: Yes.
Mom: How did you find this?
Me: Oh, my friends watch it.
Mom: Is there a Philippines? (She was born in the Philippines)
Me: No. There is a character like that in the fandom, though.
Mom: How is there not a Philippines?
Me: It's about World Wars 1 and 2.
Mom: Oh.

(Extra note: I look like a mix between Belarus, with the hair style and Russian heritage and Seychelles, with  the hair color and eye color. Also, when my mom puts her hair in a ponytail, her hair looks almost exactly like China's. No joke.)
Erin and Grace (both mentioned) are the friends that I had back in elementary school, just so you know.
If you saw how I compared Hetalia to Spongebob, then you know I have serious issues.
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StarShineTheAlicorn Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I can so relate to your mom about Philippines :3
HetaliaFan72 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Switzerland XD
ShinyRainbowMario Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
61 views? Holy Crap you guys are awesome!
AwesomeHellee9 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist
hahahaha That so funny 
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