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January 1
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Italy- Come on honey, he's not Italian, he's Japanese, just like everyone else!
Germany- Your grandpa when he was younger.
Japan- Aww, what a cute little Chinese girl! (I thought "every character was Japanese")
America- Your future boyfriend. (Damn right!)
England- Look at his eyebrows! What's up with that? (That was me when I first started watching Hetalia)
France- That James guy from Pokemon. (SO FREAKIN TRUE)
Russia- Uncle Danny when he was younger.
China- That's Erin. (Yes and no)
Canada- Aww she's so cute with the panda/koala bear thingy that she's holding and stuff...
Romano- She's a waitress.
Spain- Your dad before he started smoking.
Prussia- An albino. Come on, he's an albino!
Austria- He looks like that what's his name Cheren guy from Pokemon! (True)
Hungary- She looks like your sister.
Switzerland- A Mean looking lesbian girl.
Liechtenstein- The straight version of the lesbian.
Ukraine- Okay. Are you SURE that what you're watching is appropriate? Me: Yes. (I lied!!! >:D)
Belarus- That's Grace when she gets older.
Lithuania- She's late for something.
Estonia- A big nerd. Kinda reminds me of that Parker guy you had to go to speech with.
Latvia- She looks like she's about to burst into tears any moment.
Poland- Your sister's friend.
Finland- He's definitely gay. Wait he's not? No... you're kidding me, he's totally gay.
Sweden- In a relationship with the gay guy. (A SuFin shipper, already?)
Norway- I'd stay away from her.
Denmark- A crazy rock and roll guy.
Iceland- A hipster without the glasses.
Belgium- I wish you were more like her.
Netherlands- We already did him!
Greece- A Christian.
Turkey- He works at the circus since he has a mask.
Egypt- ...Really? (Yes)
T.R.N.C.- The last guy but with a different hat.
Taiwan- You when you were younger.
S. Korea- A Japanese man, just like everyone else only more Japanese looking. (But isn't Japan "Chinese"?)
Hong Kong- You as a boy.
Vietnam- She looks like a boy.
Thailand- Didn't we already do him?
Seychelles- I like her. She's pretty.
Sealand- Justin Bieber.
Monaco- A secretary.
Romania- We did her also, didn't we?
Cuba- That guy who annoyed you in the 5th grade.
Ausralia- A zookeeper.
Wy- She's not from Hetalia, she's Misty from Pokemon! (I can relate to that)
Seborga- The pizza guy. I'm getting tired, let's finish this.
Bulgaria- That's the first guy, isn't it?
Rome- Your dad. (I thought Spain was my dad)
Germania- Your grandpa as a hippie. (LOL)
Chibi Romano- That's you. (Oh boy, look at all these f##ks I give.)
Chibitalia- Member when you checked out all those comics at the library a few years back? She looks like one of characters from that book or something. (She's talking about Suu from Shugo Chara)
HRE- A pirate baby thing.

Mom: So what's it about?
Me: Oh, it's like Spongebob. Except each character is a country. (Whenever anyone that is mainly an adult asks me what a show I like is about, I always tell them it's like Spongebob.)
Mom: Is it appropriate.
Me: Yes.
Mom: How did you find this?
Me: Oh, my friends watch it.
Mom: Is there a Philippines? (She was born in the Philippines)
Me: No. There is a character like that in the fandom, though.
Mom: How is there not a Philippines?
Me: It's about World Wars 1 and 2.
Mom: Oh.

(Extra note: I look like a mix between Belarus, with the hair style and Russian heritage and Seychelles, with  the hair color and eye color. Also, when my mom puts her hair in a ponytail, her hair looks almost exactly like China's. No joke.)
Erin and Grace (both mentioned) are the friends that I had back in elementary school, just so you know.
If you saw how I compared Hetalia to Spongebob, then you know I have serious issues.
ShinyRainbowMario Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
61 views? Holy Crap you guys are awesome!
hahahaha That so funny 
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